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Customer Complaints

A helpful guide to the complaints process

Our customers are important to us

We take all complaints seriously and strive to resolve any complaint in an effective manner. 

We hope to learn from our mistakes and improve our internal structure, processes, training, and service in order to unify best practice more effectively across our business.

If you have a complaint, or issue, you would like to discuss then this helpful guide explains the process of making a formal complaint.

We respond to any complaint in a polite, friendly and honest manner. We aim to get to the source of the problem and implement appropriate action as we continually improve our processes.

The formal complaint process is made up of 5 stages.

You’ll find detailed information about each stage below.

The Complaints Process

STAGE 1: Creation and Receipt of Complaint

First, submit a formal complaint by completing the online form or by the methods listed.

All formal complaints are recorded by our Customer Care department and will only be recognised in the following methods:

- Telephone (with details confirmed in writing)

- Email

- Letter

- Online form

STAGE 2: Registration and Acknowledgement

When we receive a complaint, our Customer Care Team will: record your details, forward your complaint to the appropriate Coordinator/Manager and respond with an acknowledgement - this may be an automated response.

We will then contact you within 14 working days.

Ensure all formal complaints are only sent to our Customer Care Department; this allows the relevant person to investigate the complaint.

Please do not register a formal complaint with a Senior Manager or Director as this causes a delay to the process.

STAGE 3: Complaint Investigation

Your complaint will be formally investigated by a Coordinator/Manager.

During investigation, you may be contacted by the Coordinator/Manager to discuss certain aspects of your complaint.

The investigation may, depending on its complexity, include a root cause analysis as well as corrective and preventive measures to ensure that, if relevant, we can learn from this and improve our service to all customers.

All investigations will be fair, unbiased and professionally conducted.

The formal investigation process should be completed within 14 working days.

If this is estimated to take longer than this then you will be notified.

STAGE 4: Formal Response to Client

Once the investigation is complete, you will receive a formal response in writing from the Coordinator/Manager which will detail our findings, actions, plans, recommendations etc.

You will receive this within 14 working days of your written complaint - providing we do not encounter any unforeseen delays, in which case, we will send you an interim response.

We would hope that this response would conclude our investigation and, unless we hear from you within 7 days of dispatch, the complaint file will be closed.

STAGE 5: If You Do Not Agree With The Findings

We hope that an amicable solution would be achieved by Stage 4 of our process.

But, if you feel that your complaint has not been satisfactorily addressed, please contact our Customer Care department within 7 days of receipt of our findings.

Contact the Customer Care Team using the same methods as before. Provide details of the aspects of our response you are not satisfied with.

At this stage, the complaint will be re-opened and the details sent to the relevant Director, who will review the investigation and documentation.

After completion of a second investigation, you will receive a formal response in writing from the Director with details of their findings and intentions within 21 working days.

The Director’s response will be final. At this stage, the internal process will have been exhausted.

Customer Complaints

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