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Factoring costs explained

As a homeowner, you have a responsibility for any common ground within the boundary of your development. This responsibility includes paying your share of the costs for any maintenance and repairs. A professional property manager, or factor, works for every owner in a development to take care of common area repairs - such as cleaning, gardening and grass cutting - to help keep up appearances of your property and the wider development. 

What are common property areas?

A common property areas such as car parks, landscaped areas and public areas don’t belong to one specific owner. Factors typically take care of items such as maintenance of woodland, public play equipment, grass cutting, and road sweeping.

Why look after common property areas? 

It’s important a development is well kept. A scruffy development is not only unpleasant for residents, but can discourage purchasers. A run down development eventually becomes much more expensive to maintain. A little care can keep your property looking good and generally make your development a pleasant place to live.

How does the factor operate? 

The rules for undertaking factoring duties for your development are detailed in a Deed of Conditions. Your solicitor should provide this document at the time of purchase. It's important. Make sure your read it. 

How is the factor paid?

An invoice for your share of maintenance and management fees is issued every six months. 

Will the factor run up large bills?

No. Don't worry. Estimates will be obtained and distributed. Instructions will be taken from you and your neighbours or the residents association representing you before any extraordinary works are carried out. If payments are required in advance, you will always be notified. 

Who is responsible for the roads?

Roads are the responsibility of the local council. After construction, Aberdeen City Council will adopt the roads and their associated drainage, including SUDS. 

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