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Public Consultations / Planning Applications

At Scotia, we never stop listening to your views, ideas and concerns. It’s part of what makes us – and our neighbourhoods – very different.

The process of public consultation facilitates the bringing together of key stakeholders and local community who may share a vision for a proposed new development or revived community. This is typically facilitated via a public consultation event in accordance with the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 2008.

By its nature, every public consultation event is unique and provides the applicant with the opportunity to display the development proposals and seek valuable input and comment from attendees in order that key issues can be incorporated within a proposed scheme, prior to a planning application being submitted to the Local Authority.

Public Event Structure

  • Display & presentation
  • Development vision
  • Exploring key issues
  • Site context & policy
  • Feedback & comment

Who is involved?

Workshop numbers can range from around 20 through to several hundred key stakeholders depending on the nature and scale of a proposed development.

Local residents, along with landowners, local politicians, council officers and community representatives, can often attend such sessions, as they are the key decision makers. Representatives who have an interest in, and knowledge about, the site under consideration are encouraged to be involved.

Plus anyone interested in the particular site is genuinely welcome to come along.

Statutory Status of Public Consultation

Should you attend a pre-application public consultation event you should note that no planning application has been submitted to the Local Planning Authority at the time of the consultation event.

Any comments made to the applicant (Scotia Homes) at the public consultation event are NOT statutory representations and would NOT be considered by the Local Authority/Council as part of any future application.

If the prospective applicant (Scotia Homes) subsequently submits a formal planning application there will be a further statutory opportunity to make representations/comment on that application to the Local Authority/Council in which the application has been lodged.

For further information reference should be made to the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure)(Scotland) Regulations 2008 which sets out the legal requirements associated with planning related procedures.